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3D Printing In Education

3D Printing in education is becoming an increasingly demanding topic. A range of factors within educational institutes means that any decision to purchase a 3D printer needs to be well thought out and researched.

In mid-2018, we decided to help promote 3D printing within education by offering schools, universities and colleges a free demonstration, to help teachers/students understand how 3D printing can be used in education. This is an opportunity to see a 3D printer and how it works, but also for staff already using a 3D printer to ask questions about how they can improve their classes with better use of their 3D printer.

These are 30-60 min demos, with the schedule of the demo based around your experience and knowledge.

We also offer education bundles, where you can purchase lesson plans alongside your 3D printer. To see our 3D Education Bundles, please click here or call us today to speak to an expert.

“Thanks again for coming in. It was great to see all the models and the machine working”

D Sarmiento – Ewell Castle School

If you are interested in booking a free demo for your school/college/university, simply fill out the form below, and we will be in contact:

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“Thank you again for coming in yesterday to show me one of your machines and for coming such a long way to see us. As I said yesterday, the model demonstrated looks like a very useful machine and I really appreciated your personal and knowledgeable approach.”

J Robertson – Croydon high School

All our staff are required to register as STEM Ambassadors

Using 3D Printing in Education

The educational sector is constantly looking for innovations that will improve the quality of the education it provides students. 3D printing is one of the most exciting innovations transforming the education sector. Although this machine was originally made to streamline the manufacturing process, schools are utilising it for their curriculum.

3D printing in education is becoming a vital technology in helping students fully realise their potential. RAM Peripherals understands this need for tech-savvy students, which is why we provide a selection of 3D printing bundles made specifically for schools, colleges and universities.

If you’re unsure about this investment, consider the benefits to be had with a 3D printer in the classroom:


Benefits of a 3D Printer in the Classroom

This innovative machine presents several advantages by way of experiential education. With a 3D printer, students can easily apply what they have learned in real-time.

It creates excitement in the classroom.

3D printing gives your students something to look forward to. There will always be moments when your students lose interest in the lesson. Giving them the opportunity to create three-dimensional models gives them hands-on experience in the conception and realisation process.

3D printing activities encourage students to participate more in class. For younger students, the idea of creating something out of nothing right in front of them is extremely exciting. As they watch their design come to life, you can explain how the machine works in a way they will understand.

It complements an application-centric curriculum.

3D printing gives students a comprehensive solution to learning. Rather than simply reading about objects and machines in a book, they can see it first-hand. A 3D printer gives them the opportunity to brainstorm a design which they can execute during class. It lets them think outside of the box and encourages critical thinking. This technology allows them to see how their proposed solutions for the real-world will actually look and work.

It fosters confidence in students.

A common struggle for students is applying theory to real world application. Theoretical knowledge rarely translates to perfect working models in the real world. 3D printing teaches students valuable life lessons. When the first draft of their design fails, they are encouraged to try again with the necessary changes. As they realise that failure is part of the process, they’ll be less afraid of trying out new ideas. This builds confidence which motivates them to work harder and smarter.

It promotes problem-solving skills.

Aside from the creations they make with the 3D printer, students also learn from the machine itself. In operating it, they see how its different parts work together to accomplish a singular task. They also learn how to troubleshoot when they encounter problems in operating the machine. The skills they develop in using a 3D printer can carry over to the real world, especially those related to problem-solving.


The Future of 3D Printing in Education

Currently, 3D printing continues to enjoy adoption from different levels of education. Although heavily utilised in STEM programmes, more educators are using it in different subjects. It is especially helpful in active learning and case-based learning.

3D Printing in Active Learning – Active engagement in the classroom is encouraged in modern classrooms. Active learning entails different activities such as discussions, case studies, problem-solving and other activities. The use of 3D printers in this teaching method supports the mentioned practices.

3D Printing in Case-Based Learning – The case-based learning approach uses specific real-world examples in engaging students in class discussions. This encourages them to work together and build their knowledge by sharing information. 3D printing, in this scenario, allows them to execute their designs quickly and accurately.

The educational sector has always adopted technologies that inspire further learning. As students are expected to be increasingly tech-savvy, it is only natural for a 3D printer to be the next investment for your school. It presents several important learning benefits that help shape students. From better hands-on activities to enhanced problem-solving skills, students greatly benefit from using a 3D printer.


3D Printing Solutions for the Classroom

RAM Peripherals understands the importance of a 3D printer in the classroom. We support educators in encouraging students to explore and learn with our selection of 3D printers. Curated specifically for the educational sector, these printers and their accessories are ideal for classroom use.

We offer comprehensive educational bundles that are divided into different levels. Aside from the printer, you get:

  • Safety accessories
  • Access to a curriculum designed specifically for 3D printer use
  • Access to an online certification course
  • Specialised software to enhance lessons

RAM Peripherals also provides technical support to every client. Our team is online and on-call to help you with any issues with the machine and its accessories.

If you have any enquiries or simply need clarification, fill out the form on this page.

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