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New technologies are changing the way several industries operate. 3D printing, in particular, is helping streamline product development across different industries.

Over recent years, we have seen a rapid increase in demand for 3D printing within the professional sector. We understand that for a business, it is vital that any purchasing decisions are made knowing all the facts.

Otherwise known as additive manufacturing, this innovative solution eliminates labour-intensive practices that prolonged the development process. Using a specialised machine, 3D printing creates whole models out of your digital design files. Using metal or plastic, it forms solid objects by laying down multiple layers of raw material.

At RAM Peripherals, we look to provide our business customers with a complete professional solution, providing support through the whole purchasing process. Not only will we guide you through our different 3D printers, but we are also happy for you to send us a file to print so that you can see in real-time how a 3D printer could help you.

We provide full support and training to all customers and will look to find a tailored professional solution that works for you.

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The Increasing Demand for 3D Printing

Although additive manufacturing is not new, it has grown in popularity in recent years. One of the reasons for this is its ability to streamline processes, particularly prototyping and manufacturing. With the market more competitive these days, businesses are looking for ways not only to keep up but to get ahead.

3D printing provides you with a fast and reliable solution in creating new products. With this technology, you no longer have to wait weeks for a sample model. Not only does this lessen downtime, but it also reduces costs related to calibrations.

Rapid Prototyping

No product is released without testing and calibration beforehand. Traditionally, this takes time and costs a lot of money. With rapid prototyping, you can easily turn an idea into a tangible product quickly and with little cost.

3D printing allows you to effectively gauge a product and its intended functions in real time. You no longer have to build it from scratch. You simply need to upload your design onto the machine and press print. Additionally, this piece of technology allows you to make the necessary adjustments to parts immediately. Print out the parts you need to change rather than rebuilding the entire structure.

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid manufacturing naturally follows rapid prototyping. Even after testing, you can’t immediately go into mass production. This is an expensive risk that will significantly impact your bottom line. 3D printing allows you to create a batch of your final product at a much cheaper cost. With this batch, you can test out the product in the real world and observe it for any further adjustments.

Traditionally, manufacturing has four major steps: (1) casting, (2) forming, (3) machining, and (4) assembly. All of these are combined in 3D printing. Save on time, reduce expenses and accelerate production with this innovative solution.

Why 3D Printing is Vital to Business

The future of 3D printing is bright as most businesses see the value in investing in it. It continues to position itself as a necessity in mainstream manufacturing. Now, it is common to see a 3D printer in warehouses throughout the country.

Here are some of the industries that have adopted this innovative machine in their operations:

Automotive – 3D printing is utilised in manufacturing spare parts, specialised tools and end-use parts on-demand.
Aviation – This industry uses 3D printing in manufacturing parts that serve to improve how a plane operates without changing the whole machine.
Construction – Many companies have started using 3D printing in creating bespoke fixtures.
Consumer Products – As customisation becomes more commonplace in different businesses, 3D printing is slated to rise in popularity for creating end-use products.
Healthcare – 3D printing is replacing traditional practices. The dental industry, in particular, has turned to this innovation in creating crowns and dentures.
Education – Schools have started using 3D printers in helping students materialise their ideas into three-dimensional objects. This is especially useful in STEM programmes.

If that is not enough to convince you to invest in a 3D printer, consider these advantages:

1. Scalability

A major factor in 3D printing’s popularity is scalability. As you continue to tinker with your products, you need to test them out. A 3D printer lets you make a model with little cost and time. Additionally, as you make your assessments and adjustments, you can simply print out the parts that need to be replaced. This also reduces the amount of waste you create in the long term.

2. Digitisation

Additive manufacturing is helping lead the charge in digitising different industries. It continues to reduce dependence on time-consuming and labour-intensive methods that are often expensive and wasteful. Additionally, 3D printing improves how you calibrate new and existing products. It gives you better accuracy because you can make the adjustments digitally.

3. Flexibility

Another advantage of 3D printing is the flexibility it affords your business. Improvements to your products can always be made to improve it for users. Additive manufacturing makes this easier because it allows you to introduce changes whenever you want, no matter how large or small these may be. 3D printing also helps you optimise your supply chain as you eliminate unnecessary waste often caused by obsolete and mass quantities of unusable parts.

Innovative 3D Printers and Materials from RAM Peripherals

RAM Peripherals is one of the leading suppliers of 3D printers and materials. We are committed to helping businesses from different industries discover the advantages of this innovative machine. We offer a curated selection of 3D printer bundles that are ideal for professional use.

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