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PPE Support Solution

Our Comprehensive PPE Workplace Support Solution

Creating a Safe Workplace with PPE

On May 10th 2020, the UK government announced their plan to begin reopening workplaces across the country over the course of the next few weeks. However, there has been much concern among health professionals that this could put workers at risk of being infected with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 – for which there is currently no available vaccine.

RAM Peripherals Ltd is now offering a thorough PPE Support Solution which allows businesses to return to their offices while still carefully adhering to expert health & safety advice and government guidelines.


Please download our PDF outline by clicking the link below:

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Coronavirus Risk Assessment

The first stage of our solution prepares businesses for a safe shift back to office-based working; we will undertake a tailored risk assessment and use this to advise some crucial policies and procedures to put in place for the initial period in which employees are coming back to work.


Providing the Personal Protective Equipment You Need

The second stage involves the provision of key tools which can help you take preventative measures against the coronavirus. As with all parts of our package, the tools we provide will be bespoke to your needs, but may include a supply of face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, or a fever detection camera which can help you locate workers who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and send them home to self-isolate.


Workplace Health & Safety Guidance

Our third stage educates employees throughout the business, using webinars and training sessions to teach how they can stay safe and avoid infection. Management will receive tailored guidance based on the measures in place and how these can be best maintained for the remaining duration of the UK outbreak.


An Ongoing PPE Safety Solution

Finally, our solution offers continuous safety planning and an ongoing PPE supply for as long as it is needed. With a well-protected working environment, employees can carry out their work without any unnecessary anxieties about the coronavirus, ensuring high productivity and strong morale until a vaccine is eventually distributed.


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