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CraftBot 3D Printers

CraftBot 3D Printers for Sale

Masterpieces come in all shapes and sizes. RAM Peripherals Ltd. provides you with CraftBot 3D printers that define new standards for high quality printing combined with ease of use. These machines fabricate high-quality output of varying dimensions but with swiftness and accuracy.

Suitable for both commercial and educational applications, CraftBot’s user-friendly machines make 3D printing accessible and fun for everyone.

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CraftBot 3D Printers: Combining Quality and Affordability

Manufactured in Hungary by designers and technicians with decades of experience, the CraftBot takes all the innovative features of current 3D printers and combines them into one affordable unit. In 2016, it was rated ‘The Best Budget 3D Printer’ in the most comprehensive 3D printer guide published yearly by 3D Hubs. CraftBot also reached a 100% recommendation rate from users in Pinshape’s 2017 3D Printer Guide.

Addressing Your 3D Printing Requirements

RAM Peripherals Ltd. has multiple models of CraftBot 3D printing equipment available for commercial and educational use. These printers come with multiple features that make them ideal for innovative artists and entrepreneurs.

All the devices can connect with local Wi-Fi networks, from the CraftBot Plus to the CraftBot 3, making them easy to install in your home or office space. You can remove the printers’ build platforms to clean them with ease after every project. The printers also heat the build platforms, which makes them compatible with filaments that require heating elements to sculpt properly.

Their designs are also capable of high printing accuracy. Some CraftBot printer models fabricate objects with a layer resolution of 100 microns, while can print at 50 microns per layer. This level of accuracy gives them exceptionally high-quality output.

Finally, because masterpieces come in all shapes and sizes, CraftBot printers come in different dimensions that meet your size requirement.

What to Expect from a CraftBot

The CraftBot Plus has a build volume of 250 x 200 x 200 millimetres, or approximately 10 x 8 x 8 inches. Its features make it perfect for beginners in the field of 3D printing, but still versatile enough for more advanced craftsmen. Its build volume is perfect for modest projects or minuscule products.

Manufacturers and designers who want to fabricate larger objects will be better served by the CraftBot XL. This model has many of the features of the CraftBot Plus but with a build dimension of an impressive 300 x 200 x 440 millimetres, or approximately 12 x 8 x 17 inches. With dimensions like that, you could fabricate larger segments of multi-part projects resulting in fewer pieces.

We Provide 3D Printing Solutions

Whether you are a novice with a minor project or an expert in 3D printing working on a large project, RAM Peripherals Ltd. has the right equipment for your needs. In addition to providing you with the hardware you require, we offer exceptional customer service through after-sales support.

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