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Education Bundles

Education Bundles: 3D Printers for Schools, Colleges & Universities

3D printing empowers students of all ages to explore their world in exciting and creative ways. Many educators now incorporate 3D design into their curriculum in subjects ranging from art to physics. Before, schools, colleges and universities could get by with a small 3D printer for occasional use. But now that many classes utilise 3D printing for interactive learning, small, basic 3D printers may no longer cut it.

At RAM Peripherals Ltd, we understand the growing need for 3D printers in the educational sector. We offer education bundles that include a powerful 3D desktop printer and other tools dedicated to teachers and students alike.

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3D Printers and Other Supplementary Materials for the Classroom

Our education bundles come with these standard inclusions:

• Plug & play CraftBot 3D printer for quick and easy start-up
• Safety accessories, such as dome and door, with HEPA filter
• One-year access to the PrintLab Classroom curriculum for 3D printing lesson plans and other resources
• PrintLab certification course online
• Craftware slicer software program
• PLA filament
• One pack of Kapton sheets

With this complete package, educators and students can easily integrate 3D printing in any lesson. We also provide technical support to ensure any class can maximise the power of a CraftBot printer.

Interactive Learning Reimagined

Our education bundles enable real-world implementation of the students’ ideas and vision. With innovative tools that produce tangible results, students become much more engaged with the learning process.

For teachers, explaining difficult concepts is much easier with 3D printing. Instead of drawing diagrams on the blackboard or using image slideshows, you can explain through 3D models that students can touch and explore from any angle. This makes lessons more enjoyable, interactive and effective.

If you’re ready to purchase our education bundle, browse through this page to get started. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further enquiries.

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