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Professional Bundles: 3D Printers That Meet Your Business Demands
In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for 3D printing in the business sector. At RAM Peripherals Ltd, we offer 3D printer bundles for professionals to meet that growing demand.

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Powerful 3D Printers and Materials for Your Business

When shopping for a 3D printer, you will find there are more options available than before. This influx of 3D printers, however, has blurred the line between the requirements of hobbyists and professionals. It can be challenging to sift through the market to find a machine that best suits your professional needs.

Our team has curated bundles that specifically address the 3D printing requirements of businesses. We recommend the most suitable machines and materials for high-volume printing and fast-paced operations.

Our professional bundles include:

• Industrial-grade, desktop-sized 3D printer (brands available include MakerBot, CraftBot and dddrop) that can withstand repeated use and offer features for high-volume printing or large-model printing
• 3D slicing software
• Free delivery and installation
• Free half-day user training
• Support plan to ensure you have access to our technical back-up and support
• Consumable materials, including PLA, PVA or TPU filaments
• Filament storage box and dryer

We’re Your Partner in 3D Printing

With continual and rapid change in the industry, one thing remains constant: our commitment to first-rate customer service. As the 3D printing industry continues to transform, count on us to be your partner in making sure you have the right machine for the needs of your organisation. Whether you need a 3D printer to prototype parts or manufacture products for end-users, trust us to guide you in your purchase.

Our job doesn’t end after your purchase. With our strong technical back-up and support, we will keep your 3D printing operations optimal. When you buy 3D printer bundles from RAM Peripherals Ltd, you’re not only purchasing a product but also the dedicated support behind it.

Place your bundle order online today. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions.

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