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3D Scanners

Versatile 3D Scanners for Sale

RAM Peripherals Ltd. offers you the equipment you need to scan objects with speed and accuracy. EinScan 3D scanners transfer specifications for 3D printing purposes, product design and education purposes.

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The Uses of 3D Scanning

Many professions enhance their projects by using 3D scanners. Animators have exact digital copies of objects they intend to animate directly rendered into their computer with ease. Visual designers have perfect copies of their designs on their screens to analyse. Engineers have blueprints of their creations ready for replication or they use the 3D scan to reverse engineer certain objects.

The Basics of 3D Scanning

Manually inputting the specifications and details of an object into slicing software could be an onerous task, especially when you could use scanners designed for 3D printing. These devices map out the surface and dimensions of an object by combining data from two different sources.

A 3D scanner’s first data source is its powerful laser and the secondary data source is a stationary or mobile camera. The scanner’s camera locks in on the bright light of the laser beam, which the scanner records as a digital data point. A 3D scan usually yields thousands of data points, and the scanner’s software renders a digital approximation of the scanned object by analyzing the positions of these data points relative to their position from the camera. By combining the information, a 3D scanner can produce an almost perfect digital rendition of the scanned object.

The Necessity of 3D Printing Software

Your 3D printer’s software can use this digital representation to create a replica. The software can translate the digital model’s specifications into instructions for the printer nozzle to follow. Every surface and segment that the scanner carefully mapped, the 3D printer will precisely create. The printer’s nozzle will secrete heated polymer a few layers at a time to slowly construct a copy of the digital model.

RAM Peripherals Ltd. has multiple models of 3D scanners available for purchase that you can use to improve your printer’s repertoire today.

Meeting Your 3D Printing Needs

RAM Peripherals Ltd. offers tailored solutions for your printing needs. Experienced engineers test our products and can assist you through technical support and training.

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