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Filament Dryers

Filament Dryers & Dry Boxes

Are you still figuring out the best way to effectively keep your filaments dry? RAM Peripherals offers 3D printing accessories that remove moisture from filaments and optimise your printing experience. We carry revolutionary filament dryers and vacuum sealed filament containers from PrintDry™ as well as Polymaker’s PolyBox. All these solutions provide the optimum environment for 3D printing filaments, allowing users to achieve beautiful and stable prints or models.Browse through our range to view their individual specifications.

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Why use filament dryers and dry boxes?


All FDM printing filaments are hygroscopic, which means that the materials like to absorb moisture. However, this hygroscopicity can ruin the filaments during the 3D printing process. As plastic polymers, the filaments are composed of molecule chains strung together. Moisture introduces water molecules that can break up the chains, damaging the plastic and resulting in poor print quality or fragile parts.

This is where filament dryers and dry boxes come in to save the day. Filament dryers, like other industrial dryers or dehydrators, heat the air in a chamber to keep moisture away. For instance, PrintDry™’s filament dryer uses heat to cause vigorous molecule movement in the filament, weakening and breaking the bond of water molecules from the polymer chains.

Aside from filament dryers, dry boxes also keep your filaments stable and in shape. The airtight containers protect filaments from moisture, making them the ultimate storage solutions for 3D printing filaments.


High quality filament dryers and dry boxes at Ram Peripherals Ltd


Dry and store your filaments in perfectly controlled environments to achieve beautiful and stable print results. At RAM Peripherals, we carry dryers and storage solutions from industry leading brands such as PrintDry™ and Polymaker. They have been carefully handpicked by our in-house team of 3D printing specialists, ensuring you of the quality and reliability you need to produce cutting edge 3D prints.

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