DDDrop 3D Printer Filaments Especially Made for DDDrop 3D Printers

PLEASE NOTE – Some filaments may have a longer delivery lead time.

DDDrop produces some of the world’s best 3D printers. Each printer is optimised for excellent user experience, accurate print quality and extreme durability. DDDrop is meticulous about maintaining the quality of their printers’ outputs, so they make and distribute their own filaments.

DDDrop 3D printer filaments are especially made to be the most compatible with DDDrop 3D printers. Using DDDrop filaments for your DDDrop 3D printer ensures that your 3D prints are as accurate and high-quality as can be, and maintains the integrity of both the printer and the prints.


A Wide Range of DDDrop 3D Printer Filaments

We have all kinds of DDDrop 3D printer filaments that would suit all your 3D printing needs. For 3D printing beginners, using PLA filament is your best option. Our Polyamide-12 or PA-12 (nylon) filament combines toughness and flexibility, making it perfect for 3D prints that have to be firm but flexible at the same time.

If you are looking for a filament to print products that need to be strong and light, your best choice is the PET-G Carbon filament. TPU filament works best for rubbery solutions, since rubber itself cannot be used for 3D printing.

When printing safety equipment and lamp housing, use a polycarbonate (PC) filament. We also have WOOD filament for products that require a wooden appearance. For industrial applications that need to withstand high temperatures, you can use ABS filaments. We have a DDDrop 3D printer filament for every 3D printed product.


Supplying the Best 3D Printing Materials

As we strive to provide our customers with the best hardware solutions, our team at RAM Peripherals Ltd. make sure that we only supply the best 3D printing materials. We offer a wide range of DDDrop 3D printer filaments to be used with the DDDrop printers we sell.

Each product, including our 3D printers and filaments, is tried and tested by our very own engineers so we can guarantee that we distribute products of the highest quality.