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MakerBot Filaments

MakerBot 3D Printing Filaments

Remarkable projects need exceptional materials. RAM Peripherals Ltd. has the right materials to help you fabricate your project. Our MakerBot 3D printing filaments help you produce the pieces you desire in high-quality thermoplastic polymers.

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Before your 3D printer turns your designs into a reality, it needs materials. It will need printing filaments. These filaments are spools of thermoplastic polymers that feed into the 3D printer. They have specific heating temperatures where they become malleable enough for a 3D printer to mold them using its nozzles. Different types of filaments have varying properties that make them ideal for some kinds of printing projects. Two kinds of these kinds are ABS and PLA-type filaments.

ABS and PLA Filaments

ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This type of filament is tough and is impact resistant. The material is moderately flexible after heating, and 3D printers have an easy time extruding from their nozzles. Manufacturers use it for a wide range of creations, from assorted playthings to certain parts of kitchen equipment. However, certain properties, such as its high-melting point and disagreeable vapors make it more suitable for commercial or industrial use rather than personal.

PLA, or polylactic acid, is a versatile 3D printing filament that both beginners and experts use. This type of polymer consists of organic components, mostly cornstarch and sugarcane derivatives. As such, PLA is eco-friendlier than ABS and produces no unpleasant fumes when printing. However, its low melting point makes it less sturdy than ABS, and it is not suitable for fabricating moving parts or objects that will experience high temperatures.

RAM Peripherals Ltd. provides you with filaments of either material, courtesy of MakerBot.

High-Quality Filaments

MakerBot 3D printing filaments are excellent materials for your fabrication projects. Their filaments are both durable and colourful, coming in a variety of hues for artistic or creative projects. You can also choose between translucent and opaque filaments, as your printing project requires. MakerBot’s printing filaments come in different melting points, which allows for unparalleled flexibility in design options.

Professional Solutions for 3D Printing Projects

RAM Peripherals Ltd. provides you with complete professional solutions for your 3D printing requirements. Our selection of hardware gives you multiple options to meet the demands of your projects. In addition, our technical engineers lend strong technical support.

Browse through our line-up of 3D printing filaments today or fill out our short contact form for enquiries.

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