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MakerBot Spare Parts

We Provide Top-of-the-Line MakerBot Spare Parts and Accessories

RAM Peripherals Ltd offers an extensive inventory of MakerBot products for all your 3D printing needs, particularly for the Replicator series.

3D printing with MakerBot’s Replicator series provides high-quality builds at a faster rate than most other brands. To ensure continuous high-end performance and extended reliability of your MakerBot printer, follow manufacturer recommendations and only purchase/install authentic MakerBot spare parts from authorised retailers like us.

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We offer a wide selection of MakerBot parts, including but not limited to:

MakerBot Smart Extruder+ – This extruder/nozzle is exclusively built to replace MakerBot extruders, and thus provides the best possible 3D printing experience. Tested rigorously for over 160,000 hours, the Smart Extruder+ is the most dependable, jam-resistant extruder out there. It is also tuned specifically for MakerBot filaments to produce exceptional printing results.

MakerBot Replicator Build Plates – This additional component reduces downtime for high-volume printing requirements. You can switch out build plates to ready the next print while removing the finished print carefully from the current plate. Plates are available for multiple MakerBot models such as the Replicator+, Replicator Z18, Replicator Mini, etc.

MakerBot Replicator Z18 Cart – Designed for the Replicator Z18, this cart can support the weight of said model for easier mobility – no need to carry the printer around your workspace. The cart also features spacious interior storage for accessories or large filament spools, while the exterior shelf is dedicated to the MakerBot Filament Case attachment.

As the leading supplier of official 3D printing products such as MakerBot spare parts in Europe, RAM Peripherals is committed to providing tailor-made services suited to every individual client. We also offer superb technical support for all products purchased from us, so our customers can always feel secure in their investments.

If you’re looking for high-quality 3D printing products and top-shelf customer service, please feel free to call us today so we can provide further assistance.

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