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3D Printer Support & Warranty Plans

3D printers innovate the way people learn, work and build. They are reliable and easy-to-use tools for product prototyping and manufacturing, even for new users. Sometimes, however, you may need to get quick help from experts, especially when models and materials are more demanding or complex. Benefit from the support and warranty plans designed for the 3D printer you own.

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At RAM Peripherals Ltd, we offer different levels of support plans for CraftBot, MakerBot and dddrop 3D printers. Pick a plan that best suits the budget and needs of your organisation.

Select Your Plan

For CraftBot and dddrop 3D printers, we offer three support and warranty plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

• Bronze
Includes help desk service during office hours. It also includes assistance by phone or through email regarding the use of the right software to print models on a dddrop or CraftBot printer.

• Silver
Covers help desk service and phone and email support. It includes defective part replacement and covers the cost of repair and testing done by our staff.

• Gold
Covers what Bronze and Silver plans offer. The advantage of this plan is that your printer will be either repaired on-site or collected to be serviced at our centre at no additional fee.

For MakerBot printers, we offer three plans as well:

1. 1-year In Warranty with RTB Service Contract
2. 2-year In Warranty with RTB Service Contract
3. 1-year Out of Warranty with RTB Service Contract

The plan you need depends on the frequency of use and importance of the 3D printer in your facility. If you use the printer for non-critical prototypes, Bronze or Silver plans are a great option. But if you don’t want to experience significant downtime when there’s a problem, you may want to choose the Gold plan.

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We’re not only known for our top products but our strong technical backup and support as well. With our support service, you can maximise the efficiency and dimensional accuracy of your 3D printer.

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