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Supplying Tried and Tested Blu-Ray Publisher Products

Blu-ray discs are perfect for high-definition media recording and performance. With high disc capacity, they record, store and play back high definition media files no matter how large the size.

When buying printable blu-ray publisher products, you need to make sure that they come with a high capacity, fast recording speed, extreme durability and a consistent printable surface.

Here at RAM Peripherals Ltd., we only distribute blu-ray publisher products of the highest quality. We offer inkjet printable blu-ray BD-R and thermal BDR blu-ray by Verbatim, in 50GB and 25GB. The products we sell are all tried and tested by our own engineers, ensuring that our customers get top-quality media publishing supplies.

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High Capacity and Recording Speed

Our BD-R discs have capacities that are at least 5 times that of a DVD. Our inkjet printable blu-ray BD-R and thermal BDR blu-ray 25GB discs are great for recording and storing high definition home movies, music files and large photo files.

If you are looking to store files of larger sizes without the hassle of adding more discs, our BD-R DL (50GB) discs are perfect for storing everything you need. Every disc allows you to re-write and record data up to 1000 times.

Our blu-ray discs record at speeds that are over three times as fast as your average DVD. Our 6x blu-rays record up to 216 Mbps, allowing for fast but stable recording. Each disc also comes with excellent playback performance and long-term archival life.


Great Printing Quality and Durability

The blu-ray discs we distribute are dust- and water- resistant, and can withstand drastic changes in humidity and temperature. There is no need to worry about scratches and fingerprints affecting playback and recording because each Verbatim blu-ray disc comes with a HardCoat Scratch guard to protect them against fingerprints, scratches and dust build up.

Whether you are looking for a thermal BDR blu-ray or inkjet printable blu-ray BD-R, our discs have a consistent surface on which you can print anything you wish without worrying about smudges or bleeding.

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