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Inkjet Printable CDs

Inkjet Printable CDs for Professional-Grade Label Printing

Be creative when producing media for educational or corporate use with inkjet printable CDs. These discs are designed with a printable surface area to display label or artwork without affecting disc function.

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RAM Peripherals LTD offers printable CDs from brands such as Verbatim, Falcon Media and CMC Pro:

• CMC Pro discs are water-resistant and offer precise colour reproduction. They produce a glossy photo finish without the need to spray lacquer on the printed area. They also offer instant drying.
• Falcon Media CD-Rs have a Smart Guard layer that enables superior bright photographic finish and have excellent ink absorption. These discs are also resistant to water, smudges and bleed. They are ideal for creating ultra-professional images on their CD labels.
• Verbatim printable CDs are known for their lowest error rate against a range of CD writers.

We’re Your Partner in Disc Publishing

If you need help choosing a brand or format for your disc publishing, our team is here to assist you. We combine our strong technical background with a personalised approach to provide first-rate customer service. We will guide you in finding a pack of printable CDs that best meets your labelling requirements.

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