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Inkjet Printable CDs

Inkjet Printable CDs for Professional-Grade Label Printing

Be creative when producing media for educational or corporate use with inkjet printable CDs. These discs are designed with a printable surface area to display label or artwork without affecting disc function.

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RAM Peripherals LTD offers printable CDs from brands such as Verbatim, Falcon Media and CMC Pro:

• CMC Pro discs are water-resistant and offer precise colour reproduction. They produce a glossy photo finish without the need to spray lacquer on the printed area. They also offer instant drying.
• Falcon Media CD-Rs have a Smart Guard layer that enables superior bright photographic finish and have excellent ink absorption. These discs are also resistant to water, smudges and bleed. They are ideal for creating ultra-professional images on their CD labels.
• Verbatim printable CDs are known for their lowest error rate against a range of CD writers.

We’re Your Partner in Disc Publishing

If you need help choosing a brand or format for your disc publishing, our team is here to assist you. We combine our strong technical background with a personalised approach to provide first-rate customer service. We will guide you in finding a pack of printable CDs that best meets your labelling requirements.

Stock up on Printable CDs

No matter the brand, our printable CDs are available in packs of 50. Whether you need CDs for archiving or commercial purposes, it pays to stock up on printable CDs for fast and smooth printing operations. You can place your orders online. We deliver across the UK and even offer free shipping for orders over £100.

For only £20 per pack, inkjet printable discs deliver text and graphics of superior quality without breaking the bank. Shop online now. For more enquiries, feel free to give us a call today.

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