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Rimage Publishers Tailored to Your Workflow Requirements

Browse our range of Rimage disc publishers for your all of your disc printing needs. Rimage manufactures innovative disc publishing solutions for various workflow systems where duplication and media printing are operations-critical components.

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RAM Peripherals offers a wide selection of Rimage publishers that best suit an array of disc printing/publishing requirements, whether they’re for entry-level, professional or enterprise scale production.

Each model varies by disc-publishing capacity, which can be categorised into certain use cases, as follows:

For Small-scale, Low-Volume Publishing

The Rimage Allegro publisher works best for small operations like healthcare clinics and such. The Allegro’s high-speed, high-quality printing capabilities make it ideal for creation and distribution of HIS (hospital information system) or RIS (radiology information system) data with ease. Capable of loading 20 or 100 discs (depending on the model), the Allegro series packs a sizeable amount of tech in a relatively small package.

Medium-Volume Publishing

Rimage’s Catalyst series handles medium-scale disc publication functions, with a total capacity of 150 discs and for the 6000N unit, an embedded PC unit for maximum productivity. The internal robotic components responsible for the automated disc burning-to printing are protected by a filtered positive airflow mechanism – providing reliability even in dusty environments.

Large-Scale Publishing

As Rimage’s most powerful disc-publishing system, the Producer series is built to operate 24/7 courtesy of its industrial-grade robotics, and printing/recording technologies. With a loading capacity of 400 discs total, the Producer series can meet even the most challenging demands for high-volume publication of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs.

Alongside our selection of Rimage publishers, we also offer dedicated disc printers like the Encore and Prism III, ideal for customers who are looking for affordable add-ons to their existing disc duplicator machines.

Whatever the scale of your operation is, our disc publishing solutions can meet those demands and more. Email or call us today so we can answer your enquiries ASAP.

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