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Encrypted Media

Encrypted Storage Devices

In today’s digital world, securing your personal and work files is of utmost importance. Imagine losing confidential data in the back of a taxi, on a train or in a coffee shop during rush hour. If they were stored on a standard device, anyone could access your files.

For your peace of mind, RAM Peripherals has a range of encrypted storage devices from Verbatim. Equipped with advanced security features and high level encryption, they protect valuable personal or corporate data from loss, theft or data leakage.

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Why Secure Your Files?

From flash drives to hard drives, there’s no denying the convenience of USB media. Corporations and mobile workers everywhere use them. However, their accessibility and portability make it easier for thieves and hackers to steal or delete valuable files.

Encryption is the key to protecting the data on flash drives and hard drives. Encrypted media is much more difficult to access, preventing anyone who finds portables drives from acquiring sensitive and confidential information.


Encrypted USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives at RAM Peripherals Ltd

At RAM Peripherals, we take security to the next level. We are an authorised UK supplier of encrypted USB flash drives and hard drives from world leading brand Verbatim. Ideal for securing legal documents, business data, personal health information and other forms of sensitive files on the go, our range of encrypted storage devices will help safeguard your data, even if your device gets stolen or lost.

  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Secure Portable HDD – encrypts all data on the drive in real time seamlessly and features a built in keypad for password input.
  • Verbatim Store’n’Go Secure Portable SSD – far more secure than software encryption as it doesn’t store passwords in the computer or the system’s volatile memory.
  • Verbatim USB Drive 3.0 Secure Data PRO– Additional anti tampering features help protect your files from password hacking attempts or brute force attacks.


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