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External SSD

Encrypted SSD Harddrive Products for Data Security

In an age where information technology is deeply integrated into our everyday lives, securing your data is an absolute must. Most of us do not pay attention to it, but the type of storage we choose for our personal files and confidential data is crucial to data security. If you save your files on an ordinary hard drive, for example, losing the hard drive in the back of a taxi or on a train makes your personal information vulnerable to anyone who attempts to access it.

When you use an encrypted SSD harddrive, your information remains inaccessible even if you lose the harddrive.

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More Secure Than Software Encryption

Capacity is not the only thing that matters when buying a portable SSD. Since you will store a huge bulk of files in your portable drive, you need to make sure that it transfers large files in a small amount of time and that it saves your data in the most secure way possible. Sure, you can equip any external harddrive with a software encryption, but it is not your most secure option.

Our encrypted SSD harddrive products come with hardware encryption, which smoothly encrypts all data on the harddrive in real-time using a keypad built into the hardware for password input. The portable SSD does not store passwords in the volatile memory of a computer or system. After 20 consecutive failed password attempts, it will lock and require re-formatting.


Backup Security

For added security, our portable SSD harddrives come with Nero Backup software so you can backup all of your files, folders and drives from your PC or laptop whenever you please. The software also lets you set a time and day for scheduled auto backup to ensure that you back up your data regularly.


Tried & Tested Products

At RAM Peripherals Ltd., we have our own team of engineers who ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality. Our encrypted SSD harddrive products are tried and tested, so you only get the best and most secure harddrive from us.

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