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Flash Publishing

USB flash drives remain the most popular medium for sharing files from one computer to another and for data replication of sales presentations and training materials. Copying multiple flash drives, however, can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

At RAM Peripherals, we offer flash drive and SD duplicators from world-class brand Microboards that enable you to quickly and efficiently copy USB flash drives. The devices are compatible with all USB and SD device formats and can be upgraded via firmware updates.

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High-Performance USB Duplicator

Reproduce USB thumb drives in a flash with our USB duplicating devices from Microboards. Available in 7, 11 and 15-slot configurations, they enable you to make multiple copies in a single reliable system. All you have to do is insert your master flash drive, fill the empty slots with blank units then press the OK button. The copying will commence, allowing you to produce multiple copies quickly and efficiently with minimal to no effort.

The USB duplicators can also be used to erase existing content from flash drives, leaving you with clean and unformatted devices.

High-Speed SD Card Duplicator

Our highly user-friendly SD duplicators are capable of operating without a computer. Simply plug in the device, select a destination drive and press the OK button. They also feature large memory caches and fully asynchronous copying technologies that allow every slot to operate independently without sacrificing duplication speed.

Similar to our USB duplicators, our SD duplicating devices can be upgraded by future firmware updates. They also currently support all types of SD/MicroSD drives available in the market.

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