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3 Way Black Tray 10mm CD Jewel Case (5 Pack)



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Disc Packing – A Complete Covering for Disc

CD packaging is very important and makes the transportation of the CDs easy and save the CDs from scratches and damages. There are companies that provide CDs with different packaging as per the need of the CDs and pricing of the CDs. Important and confidential CDs are covered with high price CDs cover. CD packaging differs from the usage of the disc and matters for safety of the CDs.

Different Types of Disc Packaging

  • Jewel Case - This is the most popular form of disc packaging and these cases are fitted a semi rigid plastic insert with a mold that has features of centre hub to save the CD and hold it tight in place. The case closes with a hinged door which is snapped into the place. The cover of the jewel case holds place for some artwork or booklet. The back of the jewel case holds the lining of the artwork
  • Slim line Case - This type of case is almost half thick as like standard jewel case. The front is as similar like standard case with insertion of artwork or booklet. The back of the case is one plastic tray and cases are smaller and easier for shipping
  • Slim Double Case - This case is like a standard jewel case with exception of design of CD tray. The CD tray is slim double case and is hinged near spine. The way it is closed can hold CD on each side of the case
  • Chubby CD Jewel Case - This case is also called the fatty case and can hold many discs at times. It has two sides that hold the CD tray and each side is connected with the centre section that can be molded to hold one or two other CD’s
  • Digital- This case is made of cardboard and with a molded plastic tray attached with it. The cardboard case has screen printing and interior sleeve place for inserting a booklet on it. Some digital contains gatefold flaps which can fold over to cover the CD on both sides
  • Flapped - This is like digital but with some added protection. One molded tray is attached with the cardboard back. The top, opening and bottom is safe from the hard plastic. The opening edge is the plastic tab that hinged to back and snaps for opening the case
  • Clamshell Cases - Such cases are shaped like a clamshell and great way to protect the CD’s. This holds the CD’s snugly and the CD’s remain safe from damage and scratches
  • Paper Sleeve - This type of case comes with a plastic window and is the easiest and the cheapest CD packaging. This type of disc is used for demo discs and promotional discs

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