This new dome is made of the well-proven PET-G material.

  • lightweight,
  • durable,
  • shock-resistant and
  • the optical distortion is low.

The new design provides easy access to the printer in case of the filament replacement or accessed from above. The front part can be removed, but it can also be fixed to the frame with screws, if required.

Dome cover is equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filter to keep out the harmful particles. It can be easily plugged into a pre-made socket and can be controlled from the printer’s menu system even while printing.

The fastened and the removable parts of the dome can be fixed at the same points as screw holes of the frame. The suitable screws are included in the package. The front and back can be easily separated. Due to the special brush on the top of both side, the filament tubes can move unhindered while the temperature does not change under the dome.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg