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Benefits of the new CraftBot 3 nozzle (CB3 Nozzle Kit 2.0):

  1. The longer nozzle thread helps more efficient filament heating
  2. The new heatbreak prevent the melted plastic to go up to the cool area and clog there
  3. The new cover on the heatblock helps to keep the nozzle temperature more stable (ex, when the object fan starts the temperature will not drop)
  4. To assemble the nozzle, it is not necessary to heat the heatblock and heatbreak.

PLEASE NOTICE! That type of nozzle does not work/fit in the previous hotend.

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Weight 1 kg
CraftBot 3D Printer

CraftBot 2/Plus/XL, CraftBot 3 1.0, CraftBot 3 2.0