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The EinScan Discovery Pack upgrade for the SE and SP 3D desktop Scanners includes a high-resolution texture capture camera, with 24-bit true colour display and 12-megapixel colour texture.  The pack is an invaluable addition to the tools of professionals wanting to expand 3D scanning beyond engineering and apply it to use in cases such as creating assets for games, VR/AR and 3D animation productions, as well as cultural heritage and archaeology.

The EinScan Discovery Pack brings and significant quality improvements to the textures and colours of your 3D scans whilst can also capture objects with smooth or flat surfaces with greater accuracy.


  • Point Distance: 0.09-0.12mm.
  • Texture DPI: 12.0 Megapixel.
  • apture more natural color and more texture details.
  • System Support: Only supports Windows.
  • Colour Restoration Technology: Ultra-Fine™ Hardware ISP Video Processing Engine.
  • Compatible with Einscan SE and Einscan SP models.
  • Tripod: Note that Einscan SE users will be required to purchase the tripod separately.  For Einscan SP users this is included in the scanner package.
  • Please note the EinScan Discovery Pack requires EinScan software of V2.7 or above.


  • For professionals that want to use 3D scanning beyond engineering
  • Create assets for games, VR/AR and 3D animation productions
  • Cultural heritage & archaeology
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Exhibition


  • Discovery Holder and Camera
  • Power cord
  • Power adapter
  • Turntable cable
  • Lamp house cable
  • USB cable
  • Cable harness