EinScan Pro – 2X Plus Series


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Key Features:

The EinScan Pro 2X Plus strives to be the fastest, sleeker and most accurate handheld 3D scanner ever. Portable & versatile, EinScan Pro 2X Plus significantly improves efficiency and effect, meeting demands for a vast range of professional application, from body scans to high-industry reverse engineering.

EinScan’s Pro 2X+ – It’s Plus for a reason.


Based on the feedback from thousands of customers, the EinScan Pro 2X Plus utilises new algorithms and intuitive workflow, to bring 3D enthusiasts and professionals alike the most powerful handheld scanner in the range, with 4 scanning modes including an enhanced Handheld HD Scan Mode and enlarged scan range.

In a sleek, dark-grey design, EinScan Pro 2X Plus can capture a vast range of large to medium objects with greater efficiency than ever before.


Employing a low weight and a compact size, you can take the EinScan Pro 2X Plus everywhere like a laptop. The EinScan Pro 2X Plus also features a modified handle with a no-slip design.

EXSCAN PRO software allows a faster in-operation scanning experience, in addition to simple mesh editing of data. Scanned data can then be directly opened for further design in Solid Edge Shining 3D edition software & Geomagics Essentials.


EinScan Pro 2X Plus features remarkable accuracy of up to 0.04 mm under a Fixed Scan without Turntable Mode and 0.05mm+0.3mm/m in the handheld scanning modes with markers.

Its handheld scan makes the EinScan Pro 2X Plus perfect for full body scans. The model is also ideal for application in the manufacturing industry as a reverse-engineering tool as well as for use in a range of sectors including animation, arts & heritage and research & education.


Breakthrough advancements in 3D data acquisition makes the new EinScan Pro 2X Plus even faster than its predecessor, handling up to 1,500,000 points per second (30 fps) in Handheld Rapid Scan mode. The EinScan Pro 2X Plus is also USB 3.0 compatible, featuring a lighting data transfer speed.


Like the majority of EinScan’s range the EinScan Pro 2X Plus is compatible with a number of scan enhancing additional items. Exclusive to the EinScan Pro 2X Plus is the HD Prime Pack which allows for a more detailed scanning process as well as a scanning speed increase of up to 30%.

Meanwhile the USB connected Colour Pack enables full-colour texture captures for 3D models, whilst the Industrial Pack contains a tripod & a turntable for a greater range of scan modes.

The EinScan Pro 2X Plus is also available with the EinScan Reverse Engineering Design Bundle which offers an all-in-one solution for reverse engineering applications.


Export to CAD in the final part of the 3D design process with SIEMENS PLM Software powerful design tool- Solid Edge Shining Edition. Solid Edge has a vast array of core modelling capabilities that achieve reverse engineering, generative design, and simulation together with CAD tool in one platform.

Solid Edge starts simulation early in design meaning time-to-manufacture is shortened, and cost-to-manufacture can be reduced. Solid Edge allows you to print in-house with automated print preparation, including color printing capability. Parts can be written out to both .stl and .3MF formats.

  • Scan Speed (Handheld Rapid Scan)- 30fps- 1,500, 000 points/s
  • Scan Accuracy (Fixed Scan)- 0.04 mm
  • Enlarged Scan Range- 312×204 mm
  • Volumetric Accuracy (Handheld Rapid Scan)- 0.05 mm + 0.3 mm/m
  • Minimum Point Distance (Handheld HD / Rapid Scan)- 0.2 mm