Elegoo ABS-Like Resin (1000g) Large Image
Elegoo ABS-Like Resin (1000g) Large Image
Elegoo ABS-Like Resin (1000g) Image from Catalogue
Elegoo ABS-Like Resin (1000g) Image from Catalogue
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Elegoo ABS-Like Resin (1000g)

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The Elegoo ABS-like Resin is a special photopolymer resin for DLP/LCD 3D printers that can produce robust and durable models with properties similar to ABS. What is special about this material is that it specifically counteracts any shrinkage of the volume during the curing process, thus ensuring high precision.

The resin has excellent flowability, which reduces printing times considerably. Its high stability and good toughness guarantee exceptional print quality!

Thanks to high-quality pigments and photoinitiators, the low-odour ABS-like resin produces high-resolution, robust models with smooth surfaces that rival works of art. The resin is ideal for general modelling and industrial applications, but can also be used for painting models after the curing process.

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