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Elegoo Standard 8K Resin (1000g, Grey)

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Stunning colours

Elegoo's 8K Standard Resin contains high-quality pigments and photoinitiators, which make your printed models appear in radiant colours. Create true works of art with this high-resolution resin 3D printer.

High precision & low shrinkage

During development, Elegoo paid particular attention to the use of materials that guarantee low shrinkage and high accuracy. Smooth surfaces, fine details rich in detail and accurate dimensions are the corresponding results.

Low viscosity & good flowability

Due to the low viscosity of the resin, it flows quickly into position and hardens in a targeted manner, which increases the success rate of the print results. Your models can be easily removed due to the low adhesion to the FEP film - in addition, the service life of the FEP film is extended due to the lower load.

Tough & low odour

Elegoo managed to develop a low-odour resin with which 3D-printed models have a high level of toughness. After a simple cleaning, even your most demanding models will shine!

Wide application

The 3D printer resin was primarily developed for use with the Elegoo Saturn 2 - however, the resin is compatible with most DLP/LCD 3D printers due to the required light wavelength of 405 nm.

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