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FALCON DVD+R DL 8x White Inkjet (100 Pack)

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Falcon Media Double Layer Discs provide a massive 8.5GB (2.6 for 8cm products) storage capacity. The double layer of recording has been made possible by the creation of a new substrate layer that sits in between each recording layer, that allows the laser beam to record on both layers. Once the first layer has been recorded, the laser re-focused to record on the second layer. As well as the latest speeds, Falcon media also has a full face inkjet printable surface that is compatable with all inkjet printers. Colours printed onto the disc surface are rich and produce a professional reliable finish time after time. The full face printable surface on this disc allows you to print out your artwork right up to the central hub of the disc surfce, creating a profesional finish to your DVD's.

The Falcon DVD+R double layer is certified for 8x recording speed with a specialised metal azo double recording layers. It offers up to 4 hours of high quality MPEG-2 video and is a cost effective solution for storing, editing and small scale distribution of data and audio/video files. Its high capacity and long data life also make it an excellent storage solution for backup and archiving. Double Layer DVD+R media expands the storage capacity of the disc to a massive 8.5GB, allowing up to 4 hours of uninterrupted video at DVD quality.

  • Capacity:?8.5 GB
  • Speed:?8x
  • Model No:3040128504000672
  • Surface:?Double layer full face inkjet printable disc, for all inkjet printers
  • Dye:?Purple, azo based
  • Hub Printable:?yes
  • Packaging:?shrink wrap
  • Carton Quantity:?100
  • Box Quantity:?600

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