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Falcon Premium CD-R 52x Diamond Prism

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Diamond Recording Dye

Pro CD-R Diamond has the diamond finish on the recording side that makes for the perfect duplication solution for audio CDs or CD-ROMs. Pro CD-R Diamond is cost-effective for small volume duplication compared to the usual CD replication. Pro CD-R Diamond is professional AAA grade, ensuring superb recording and playback performance on all drives and standalone players that professionals expect. Pro CD-R diamond features premium phtalocyanine dye which has proven best reliably and highest durability to other types of dye.

  • Capacity:?80 min, 700 MB
  • Speed:?52x
  • Model No:?3091228504000447
  • Surface:?Thermal Silver Hub Printable, Optimised For Prism
  • Dye:?Diamond, phthalocyanine based
  • Hub Printable:?Yes
  • Packaging:?Shrink Wrap
  • Pack Quantity:?100
  • Box Quantity:?600

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