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dddrop PP Filament

dddrop PP Filament


Premium dddrop PP Filament

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What is PP (polypropylene) filament?

PP stands for polypropylene and is an almost unbreakable plastic. The material is reasonably stiff, light and has a high temperature resistance. The disadvantage of this material is that the structure ensures that the printed parts quickly warp after cooling, making it a challenge to print PP models well.

In contrast to ABS and PLA, which are amorphous plastics, polypropylene is a semi-crystalline plastic. This means that the structure of the material is different and therefore it  cools and solidifies differently. This means that warping is lurking.

Polypropylene is a light and flexible material that is often used for packaging. The material is not susceptible to fatigue, but it is not very strong. It is suitable for caps with a plastic hinge for example, which often opens and closes.

Tip: PP is very difficult to print without any shrinkage and is therefore mainly reserved for the advanced 3D printer.

Specifications PP (polypropylene) filament*

  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Print temperature: 240-260°C
  • Melt temperature: 190-220˚C
  • Storage: cool & dry (15-25°C), away from UV light
  • Standard print settings available
  • Colour: Clear

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Weight 1.5 kg
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