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Creality 3D Sermoon V1 3D Printer

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The Sermoon V1 is a compact, closed 3D printer that is immediately ready for use. All you need to do is take the printer out of the box and plug it into the power outlet. The printer is ready to start within seconds! In addition, the one-button operation makes it ideal for novice users.


  • A build space of 175mm x 175mm x 165mm
  • No levelling required
  • A direct dual-gear extruder
  • Maximum nozzle temperature of 250?C
  • Maximum bed temperature of 80?C
  • Intelligent one-button control for automatic input and output
  • A filament sensor and resume printing function
  • A fully enclosed chassis for extra stable and secure printing


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Out-of-Box Printing


Free leveling, free assembly, print out-of-box.



Quick Replace Spells


Quick disassembly and assembly nozzle design, convenient maintenance of nozzle, improve your 3D printing success rate.



Flexible Fetching Spells


Flexible metal magnetic suction platform, stable printing and easy to take out the mold.



Smart Control On The Palm


Remotely control the printer under the Creality Cloud app, monitor the printing situation through the HD camera, everything is under control.

One Touch-Automatically Moves In And Out


Click on it, feed; order it again, return it. There is nothing lower than this level of difficulty. Friendly to beginners.

New Technology, New Innovation


The silver-gray color, arc edge and smooth lines, simple appearance leaves a deep impression.



Safe Induction Spells


The safety sensor is triggered as soon as the door is opened, pausing the printing process and quickly cooling down the device, safe for kids of pets.

The Power of Magic Sprite


The exquisite and miniaturized direct drive with powerful energy and unlimited power.

Enjoy the Magic of Silence


Supersilent operations, non-disturbing printing experience, enjoy the fantastic maagic world.

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