Vacuum Sealed Filament Container: Package of 5


The ultimate filament storage solution for 3D printing filaments to prevent the filament from absorbing moisture

Include: 5-pack with a vacuum pump  (Filament spool not included)

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1) Vacuum valve and pump: A special valve and a pump are used to suck the air out to create a vacuum seal and this will prevent the moisture in the air from getting into the container.

2) Stronger structure: In order to hold a strong vacuum seal, both the lid and the container itself have been specially designed.

3)  Vacuum indicator: When completely vacuum sealed, the center of the vacuum valve will collapse inward from its original dome shape.

How to use

Our new vacuum sealed containers are super easy to use.

1) Place your filament spool inside the container with some desiccant pouches, put on the lid and align the tabs of the lid and the container, engage the 4 strong clamps.

2) Take the hand plunger and line up the bottom of the hand plunger with the center vacuum valve on the container lid.  Pressing down gently on the hand plunger, simply lift the plunger handle slowly until it reaches the top of the pump, and then push down on the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the pump. Repeat this up and down motion for 5-10 times.

3) To release the vacuum seal, place your index finger on the outside rim of the valve, and press it towards the center.

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