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YSoft BE3D eDee 3D Printer

YSoft BE3D eDee 3D Printer

The YSoft be3d eDee 3D printer is safe, secure and is the perfect size for any space. Lockable doors and a retractable control panel add to the design, functionality and intelligence of the 3D printer, making it perfect for schools and universities.

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RAM Peripherals is delighted to announce the product launch of the Y Soft’s BE3D solution – A New and Unique 3D Education Solution.

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YSoft be3D eDee is a 3D printing solution that combines a fast 3D printer with easy-to-use features to create a unique hands-on, immersive learning experience.

The solution includes:

  • BE3d eDEE 3D Printer
    • School health and safety guidelines met with a lockable door ensuring no exposed moving or hot parts
  • Access to BE3D Academy
    • A choice of lesson plans designed to match UK Curriculum Guides
    • No teacher training required
  • Easy Reporting, Printing and Job Control
    • Accepts payments for the various payment portals to cover printing costs
    • One touch reporting for usage budgets/reports
    • Large front panel providing visual updates, printing status and job completion alerts
  • Seamless Network Integration
    • Easily fits any existing school network and existing multi function printer infrastructure
  • Full User Control
    • Card authentication to allow only authorized teachers or students to securely release/collect 3D jobs
  • Full Customer Support & Warranty
    • 3 Warranty
    • Additional support available through various support contracts – please click here
  • FREE Installation
    • This solution includes free installation by a trained engineer (either remote or on-site)
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Product 3D printer
Model eDee
Trade name YSoft be3D eDee
Printing technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Printing area 150 × 150 × 150 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm (expected lifetime 1 500 h)
Print bed type Glass, removable
Calibration Automatic
Safety elements Door locks, print bed sensor
Total dimensions 496 × 414 × 397 mm
Weight 27.5 kg (shipping weight: 31 kg)
Recommended operation conditions 15–30°C (59–86°F), max. 60% humidity
Supply voltage External source 24 V/3.75 A (90 W, input 230 V/110 V)


1. Touch screen 8. Main power switch
2. Print bed 9. Ethernet port
3. Print head 10. Power connector for a 24 V power source (use the original power source supplied with the printer)
4. Front doors 11. Cable holder/slot for a Kensington lock
5. Side doors 12. Manufacturing label
6. Electromechanical locks 13. Filament entry point/filament detector
7. Electromechanical lock strike plate 14. Card reader holder


  • Surrounding operation temperature: 15–30°C (for PLA printing)
  • Maximum environment humidity: 60%
  • Dust-free environment
  • A stable and firm base preventing the transfer of vibrations from the printer to the surrounding area
  • Original power source
  • The printer must be placed 1 m or more from any heat source
  • The printer must be placed in a well-ventilated area


  • 1x power source 24 V/5 A
  • 1x spool holder
  • 1x glass print bed
  • 1x spatula
  • 1x print bed glue stick
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