Zortrax Inventure 3D Printer


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The Zortrax Inventure uses LPD Plus technology. Perfect precision and the ability to work as a small batch machine make it a smart desktop machine for professional applications in a variety of fields, from industrial design to medicine to engineering.

The Zortrax Inventure is an affordable desktop machine whose capabilities are found almost exclusively in large industrial 3D printers: a soluble support material, a closed heating chamber and a built-in HEPA filter. All of these features, combined with the Zortrax Ecosystem, make the Zortrax Inventure a plug-and-play desktop 3D printer that delivers industrial performance.

Innovative double extrusion system
An extruder feeds two 3D print filaments into two nozzles: one for the model and one for water-soluble carrier structures. In this way we were able to reduce the size and weight of the mechanism.

Enclosed printing chamber
The build platform is virtually isolated from the environment to ensure strict 3D printing conditions.

Built-in HEPA filter
A HEPA filter captures over 99% of 3D print emissions, including ultrafine particles less than 100 nm in diameter.

Smart cartridges
The 3D printing materials for Zortrax Inventure are available in smart cartridges that keep you informed about the status of the filament.

Main features of the Z-SUITE
The Z-SUITE Slicer is a link between your idea and your product. Use a variety of features and tools to streamline the 3D model preparation process.

Intuitive model editing
Just load your 3D file, and Z-SUITE 2 will automatically convert it to the print-ready model.

Detection of thin walls
Z-SUITE 2 detects walls that are too thin to print correctly. This allows you to identify problematic areas before you print the model.

Several filling options
Various infill patterns help ensure the required durability of the model and reduce material consumption.

Model stacking
Accelerate production by taking advantage of support techniques. Stack multiple models and print them in 3D in one step.

Manufacturer No.: Z-INVENTURE
Manufacturers: Zortrax
Content: 1 pc
Product types: 3D Printers
Assembly: Fully assembled
Printing Technology: FFF – FDM – LPD
Printer Display: LCD Display
Supported operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
Extruder type: Direct Drive Extruder
Number of extruders: Double
Interfaces: SD card
Supported Formats (Slicer): STL, OBJ, DXF
Heated building board: Yes
Heated building platform : Yes
Nozzle Diameter: 0,4 mm
Filament Diameter: 1,75 mm
Building platform : 135 x 135 x 130 mm
Minimum layer height: 90 µm