Finding the Best Place for Printer Repair in UK

Published On: 2019-02-01

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There are few things more frustrating than 3D printer mishaps in the middle of a huge project. Because printing emergencies are sometimes unavoidable, having access to 3D printer repair services is a good precaution to take so you won’t have to endure long downtimes. But should you take your malfunctioning printer back to the original manufacturer, to an authorised local dealer, or to a dedicated repair shop? That depends on your specific case. Here are some things you should remember when in the market for a 3D printer repair centre to take your device to in case of emergency:

  • The product manufacturer – Original equipment manufacturers are your best options when it comes to 3d printer repair especially when your unit is still covered by your original warranty. They are the most knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your 3D printer’s design as well as its common problems. They are also the most technically skilled to fix its issues. However, sending your device to your manufacturer for repair can mean more expensive service fees if the device is no longer under warranty. You might also have to endure long waiting queues before you get served.
  • Local authorised dealer – Your next best option after your OEM is a local authorised dealer or service centre. These are third-party service providers that have been authorised by your OEM to distribute as well as service their equipment. Their technicians and engineers usually receive training from original manufacturers, giving them just as much knowledge and credibility to ensure quality 3D printer repair.
  • Dedicated repair service – There are also dedicated repair service providers that can fix different kinds of 3D printers and other related equipment. While they do offer good technical knowledge, they should be your last resort as they don’t typically offer the same level of expertise as original manufacturers and authorised dealers and service centres.

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