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Hassle-Free Printing at Its Best: TAZ Workhorse A user-friendly 3D printer built on over a decade of innovation and printing experience. It's ready to use right out of the box and delivers exceptional reliability and excellent print quality. This machine is designed for ease of use, with features like predefined filament tension positions, removable magnetic build plates, and a built-in sensor that pauses the printer if your filament runs out. Experience the TAZ Workhorse's hassle-free operation, perfect for delivering top-notch printing performance print job after print job.


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The Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse is a large format 3D printer with automatic calibration, a heated borosilicate glass build plate, and swappable tool heads. It has a huge build volume, making it ideal for prototyping or manufacturing large end-use parts.

  • Large format
  • Heated borosilicate glass with PEI surface
  • Swappable tool heads

The Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse lives up to its name with premium components, automatic calibration, and a workflow that keeps it churning out high-quality 3D prints.

Here are the key features of the Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse 3D Printer:
  • Large Format
  • Heated Borosilicate Glass With PEI Surface
  • Swappable Tool Heads
  • Print With Any Material
  • Dozens of Material Profiles
  • Automatic Bed Calibration
  • Belted Z Drive

What are the Dimensions of the TAZ Workhorse?

Build Volume: 280mm x 280mm x 285mm (11.02in x 11.02in x 11.22in)
Assembled Dimensions (with spool holder installed): 83cm x 71cm x 52cm (32.67in x 28in x 20.47in)
Compatible filament diameter: 2.85mm, 1.75mm if using the Lulzbot M175 Tool Head (not included)
Weight: 16.78kg (37lbs) without filament spool

What are the Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse Properties?

Print Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Ambient Operating Temperature: From 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Maximum Travel Speed: 300mm/s
Leveling: Automatic Compensation
Calibration: Backlash Compensation
Connectivity: USB Serial or SD Card with included 8GB SD Card
Included Tool Head: SE Tool Head
Extruder/Hot End: E3D Titan Aero
Nozzle Diameter: 0.5mm
Nozzle Material: Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy
Nozzle Temperature: Up to 290°C (554°F)
Nozzle Heat Up Time: From 23°C to 210°C (73°F to 410 °F) in 73 seconds
Print Surface: Modular Heated Borosilicate Glass/PEI
Maximum Print Bed Temperature: Up to 120°C (248°F)
Print Bed Heat Up Time: From 18°C to 100°C (64°F to 212°F) in 10 minutes 45 seconds
Layer Resolution: 0.05mm-0.90mm (0.02”-0.035”) *Determined by Tool Head
Minimum Positive Feature Size: 0.5mm (0.02in)
XYZ Resolution: 10, 10, <1 micron
Maximum Power Output: 500W
What is the Software for the Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse?

Operating System Compatibility: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows
Recommended Software: MatterControl, Cura Lulzbot Edition
Firmware: Marlin
Supported File Types: .stl, .obj, .x3d, .3mf, .png, .jpg
Printable Formats: Gcode

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